Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

2011 has started out lucky for us.  It's raining out - which means it has warmed up.  Max and I went for our walk this morning with no boots or coat (for him anyway lol)!  So much snow has melted that along the way we found Rylie's boot that he lost a couple of weeks ago.  Score!  Lest anyone think Rylie wasn't allowed to come with us he  wants you to know that he is a PRINCE and it is not suitable for a prince to go out walking in the rain!  I decided that it wasn't worth the fight today and I'll just throw the ball for him in the house.

A friend of mine has two large dogs and part of their Christmas tradition is that the dogs pull the tree home after they cut it down.  This year she took pictures and it inspired me to have Engineering Dad cut down our tree when we were done with it.  I thought I'd hook up the dogs and try and make it look like they were pulling it.  It wasn't really a successful venture but I did at least get a good picture with my two legged guys who are notoriously camera shy.

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sara said...

Happy New Year! Such cute pictures of your boys pulling the tree.. LOL! What a funny story. It hasn't stopped raining here so my guys haven't had a walk just yet today. I did take the ball down to the basement and throw it for Kos though. I'm so glad you found your boot! I spent about 2 hours looking for mine last year. Seems Kosmo was peeing on a tree and for whatever reason, it was propped up on a tree branch when I found it.. LOL! Hope you guys had a great NYE! :)