Thursday, March 25, 2010


This poor guy has had a tough week. Just to say I have never seen so much poop in my life! He seems to have turned a corner and got "real" food today for the first time since Monday morning. For a little guy he sure caused his mom and dad a lot of worry. So glad he seems to be better

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I've slacked off on training for the past couple of weeks. I needed some inspiration and today I got out my birthday agility equipment. First of all, I decided that since Max is apparently huge, and will have to jump 16" jumps I had better make sure his technique was good. I popped in a jumping DVD and did some set points. My home jumps are only 12" (I've ordered bigger ones but when they are custom made by Engineering Dad patience really is a virtue). Next I had Rylie doing the same set points but only over 6". From my extremely limited experience I think things went OK.

Later this afternoon we went to the off leash dog park near here where we walked around a couple of loops with two lovely Weimaraner girls and their owner. One of the girls jumped up on me to the chagrin of her owner (I really didn't mind but I understand because I don't like it when my dogs do it). They were lovely and gentle with my boys though. I did find out that as a breed tendency they have separation anxiety and having two seems to make it worse then one.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun Walk

Today after work I met up with a co-worker and her two American Bulldogs (think 80 lbs each) and another co-worker and her large black dog and we went for a walk at our local conservation area. We had a blast. Max went swimming (on purpose). Rylie wasn't having any of that but would wade in about knee deep to steal the stick from Max as he left the water - of course a mad chase ensued. We must have looked quite a sight with three large dogs and two teeny ones but a good time was had by all. My only regret was that I didn't have a camera to take a picture of drowned rat Max. I think his diet is over - I've decided he's just fluffy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sleep Well My Sweet Girl Mindy - Feb 98 - Mar 10

We knew this day would come sooner rather than later but it doesn't make it any easier. Mindy's tumour was starting to make her breathing laboured and we decided she had had enough. She spent the last 12 years attached to my hip. Even though she was the quietest dog the house seems so quiet without her.

Nearly as hard as letting her go was calling the boys. One of the things my own parents do that angers me is not tell me things I think I should know (like when my mom has open heart surgery for instance) and I never want to be that parent. I'm glad Engineering Guy had been able to be home for the weekend.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Engineering Guy was home for the weekend. It was rather inconvenient for him but he had an interview and the company wasn't willing to do it by phone. It was nice to see him though and we went and picked up Computer Dude and went to The Keg for my birthday supper (my third birthday supper actually - I don't suppose I can drag my birthday on much longer).

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I always said I wouldn't be one of "those" people. I finally broke down and got Mindy a stroller. It was breaking my heart that she hasn't been able to go for walks with us. She just isn't strong enough to walk too far. Here she is in her new chariot - with the two pesky boys waiting patiently.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Miss Mindy

Miss Mindy is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She turned twelve last month. She is the most incredible dog. I've never trained her to do anything but she has always done anything I ask. I swear she can read my mind. Mindy has cancer. Her health is fading. She has had a long happy life and been the best companion anyone could wish for. I've promised her not to let her suffer unduly. Mindy has always been a quiet dog but the cancer has taken her voice. She sleeps a lot now but otherwise seems happy. She wags her tail, never misses a meal and insists on having her walk. It's hard to know whether she is suffering or not.

The top picture is Mindy on her twelfth birthday.

I thought I'd try and resurrect this blog. My nest is still empty of human kids. Computer Dude and Engineering Guy are continuing studies in their respective fields. I'm incredibly proud of them but every time they come home I have to make rules around appropriate dinner table conversation. Some people have rules involving politics and religion. I have rules regarding calculus and physics. Every time our dinner table conversation falls to that level my head explodes. I really don't know how I gave birth to such mathy kids. Oh yeah - maybe Engineering Dad had a hand in the genes.

Anyway - now that my kids don't need my help getting themselves through each day I've had to find something else to do with my free time.

When our Golden passed away shortly after Engineering Guy left the next Miss Mindy and I started agility training. Mindy was nearly eleven. She blew everyone away. Not that she was fast - far from it - but she did every single thing I ever asked of her the very first time. Tunnel? Piece of cake. Teeter? No problem. As my instructor still tells people - the minute she realized there was food involved she would do anything. Agility classes also gave Mindy some time away from the pesky puppy Max, I insisted on bringing home for company. She was all for company but she did draw the line at ear pulling and proved she could still take a round out of a smaller dog. Max was a pretty lively pup - more so than I ever remembered Mindy being so we took lots of obedience training and then started agility training together. Mindy retired from agility after two session of class because doing agility in the summer sun was too much for her. Max loves agility and he loves his momma. He is rarely far from my side and would do anything I ask. He is hoping to become a therapy dog this year. Of course having two such wonderful dogs we (as in Engineering Dad rarely argues with me when I have my mind made up) decided that Max needed a puppy to run off some of his energy. Enter Rylie. Rylie is a black dog. I've never had a black dog before. I don't thing Rylie has stopped moving since he joined our family in August 2009. He is OCD about balls, sticks, and frisbees. He can be an absolute brat in obedience class and have the instructor ask to pick him up to cuddle him because "he's just so cute". Needless to say he has the rest of us wrapped around his little black and tan paw.