Saturday, July 19, 2008


Engineering Guy will be leaving in just over a month and he still doesn't have a room assignment for residence.  Nobody does yet.  Luckily it isn't stressing him out.  As he puts it "Why worry about things you have no control over?" He's obviously never been a mother!  That's okay - I can stress enough for both of us.

His dad and I went on a sailing trip for a week and just returned.  Engineering guy stayed home and took care of the dogs.  I must say he did a fine job and the house was in good shape when we got home.

Engineering Guy and I drove down and took Computer Dude out for lunch today.  He'll be home for a few days just about the time that Engineering Guy leaves for school.  To that end we have done some shopping - new printer, various and sundry wires and cables, bedding.  He hopefully will have a room to put all this new stuff in come September.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well engineering guy is officially no longer a high school student.  His last exam was Tuesday and prom was Thursday.  Two months from today we will have moved him into his university residence.  When computer dude went off last fall I already had started collecting "stuff" for him.  I haven't got one thing for engineering guy.  Denial I guess.  To be fair though he is going to live in a traditional residence (the dude lived in a townhouse style residence) so he won't need much "stuff".    Unlike his brother he doesn't mind shopping (if it's for him) so he doesn't even want me picking out his bedding (I'm sure the fact that I threatened a Toronto Maple Leaf or John Deere comforter has no bearing on that)!