Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dog Park Saturday

This has been a beautiful weekend.  Saturday we took the dogs to the dog park.  We love this dog park as it is not only a lovely park but it is one of the few dog parks we have been in where people always seem to have their dogs under verbal control.  They do have a lot of sticks there.  Rylie the stick hunter was in seventh heaven finding sticks for us to throw for him.  At one point a large dog came up from behind and took the stick right from out of Rylie's mouth.  Rylie didn't give up without a struggle though.  That made me laugh because there have been a couple of incidents in class that have combined to make Rylie very cautious of other dogs (not such a bad thing really).  Since having our houseguest Turner for the weekend it seems that Rylie has gained some confidence back.  Turner is younger than Rylie and the sweetest dog you would ever want to meet.  All he wanted to do was play but although he tried everything he could think of to engage my dogs they really weren't buying.  Something about those big paws no doubt.  By the end of the weekend though he did have Rylie playing tug with him.  He'd let Rylie "drag" him around the room with the tug toy and tell him off when he thought he might get up on Neil's lap with him.

When a dog at the park came up to Rylie and tried to hump him Rylie just told him off.  Previously he would try to jump into our arms if that happened.

Today we dug out the weave poles and did a bit of weaving.  Agility classes should start up again this week.  We are looking forward to it.

Max has been  a bit out of sorts this weekend.  I think the rapid change in temperature has been a bit hard on him.    The heat always has seemed to bother him more than it does Rylie.