Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to the empty nest

After having Engineering Guy home all summer and Computer Dude home for a couple of weeks between his school term and work term our nest is empty again. Well except for the three dogs...........I got a crazy idea during the summer that we needed another puppy. That definitely keeps me busy.

Engineering Guy has been in his new (old) house for a week now and it's been rather eventful (and expensive). First of all his new bed that was being delivered wouldn't fit up the stairs. Not only did the box spring not fit but neither did the mattress. In the grand scheme of things it's not a huge deal but it means he has been without a bed for over a week. Oh well - his back is young and that's what air mattresses are for. It's like indoor camping.

The boys learned a couple of adult lessons. First of all - when your internet provider gives you an eight hour window to come to hook up that means someone has to be there for the entire eight hours. Murphy's Law guarantees that if someone slips out for ten minutes that will be when the internet people show up. They can't come again until Saturday. Luckily, the library is two minutes from their house and Engineering Guy has a laptop. Or maybe not so lucky. He phoned home tonight and told Engineering Dad that the laptop has a virus and it will cost $50 to have someone even look at it. I don't see that he has any options. He also has a big beautiful IMac sitting in his room as a paperweight until the internet gets connected.

Their house also got a noise violation ticket. Ooops. That's $235 split six ways. Their neighbourhood is entirely students and I think the police were making a stand early in the year in the hopes of keeping control. Engineering Guy said they didn't realize how loud their music actually was - but they thought they'd at least get a warning first. Now they know better.

I'm hoping his bed gets delivered tomorrow without any glitches and his week gets better from then.

Computer Dude is working at the same company that he worked at for his last work term. He is also taking a French course to knock off an elective. I convinced him (and I think he is beginning to think I know a thing or two) that French would probably be far less work than Physics........ Who the heck takes physics as an elective anyway?