Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Nest Is Half Full

Time flies.  Engineering Guy is home after finishing his first year of school.  He is more convinced than ever that engineering is the right program for him.  He's signed a lease with five friends for next year.  We picked him up a week and a half ago and he is lucky to be one of the few of his friends to have a full time job for the summer.  He'll be able to live at home so that's great.

Computer Dude was home for the weekend.  He has just finished a four month co-op term and tomorrow he'll head back to school for four months.  He loved this co-op job but is also excited to go back to school.  This will be his first term at school in the summer (in a house with no A/C) to boot so he'll see how he likes being on a campus that's much quieter than he is used to.