Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Holidays

Both boys are still home.  Computer Dude returns tomorrow but Engineering Guy will be with us until Sunday.  It's been wonderful to have them home.  They have both grown into great young men.

Engineering Dad spent Christmas Day at work - something to do with exploding electrical bits which even I know is a bad thing.  We had our Christmas supper on the 26th.   He was bummed but all he really missed was the very LOUD sounds of Guitar Hero and Rock Band.  I suck at both.  This surprises me as I used to be a band geek.

New Years Eve will consist of a steak supper prepared by Engineering Guy followed by watching the Canada vs. U.S. Junior hockey game.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blowing off the cobwebs

My empty nest is full for the moment so it's funny that now I have the time to blog.  Both boys are done exams.  Computer Dude will be starting his work term in January and Engineering Guy will be heading back to school to finish off his first year.

Computer Dude found this term a real struggle but I am proud of the fact that the "Q" word hasn't entered his vocabulary.  He'll work for four months, regroup, get a tutor for the course he is struggling with and he'll persevere.  He can't imagine studying anything else but computer science so he'll figure things out.  

Engineering  Guy has found his first term of university to be everything he had hoped and more.  He's having a lot of fun, managing his heavy course load, and finding time for hockey and hanging out with friends.  It helps that his best friends are fellow engineers who also have a heavy load.

We have our new puppy home now and we are all in love with him.  Well it did take Mindy a bit of time to warm up to him but she is a lot less lonely now and she plays -which she has never really done.  I can't resist showing off the picture that made our Christmas card this year.