Thursday, March 12, 2009

Letting Go

Engineering Guy did a lot of growing up this week and I found out how difficult it is to watch your kids struggle from a distance.  A friend of the Guy's started acting ill on Sunday.  He was convinced by friends to seek medical attention but was released from hospital.  His friend's were told to "make sure he eats and drinks properly".  Eighteen year old boys only have so much control over each other.  By Monday night the boys had gone through their friend going missing,  having to make the decision to alert authorities, having him found and hospitalized.  Then they had to make the difficult decision to call his parents (who they had never met) and inform them.  It turned out well for everyone as the friend is now on the mend at home.  Engineering Guy informed me last night "We decided we're to young to deal with stuff like this".  As a parent I'm still shaking because the outcome could have been so very different if these kids hadn't been so persisting in trying to get their friend help, and making the hard decisions to do what is right - not what is easiest.  To say I'm proud of him is an understatement.  We had already planned to go down and visit him for the weekend.  Now I can't wait to just give him a huge hug.