Saturday, July 19, 2008


Engineering Guy will be leaving in just over a month and he still doesn't have a room assignment for residence.  Nobody does yet.  Luckily it isn't stressing him out.  As he puts it "Why worry about things you have no control over?" He's obviously never been a mother!  That's okay - I can stress enough for both of us.

His dad and I went on a sailing trip for a week and just returned.  Engineering guy stayed home and took care of the dogs.  I must say he did a fine job and the house was in good shape when we got home.

Engineering Guy and I drove down and took Computer Dude out for lunch today.  He'll be home for a few days just about the time that Engineering Guy leaves for school.  To that end we have done some shopping - new printer, various and sundry wires and cables, bedding.  He hopefully will have a room to put all this new stuff in come September.

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My son has his room assignment and even knows who his roommate is. Although he won't call him. "What am I? A girl?" he asked.