Friday, August 1, 2008


Engineering guy finally got his room assignment yesterday.  I guess I won't have to buy a him a shopping cart and a box of garbage bags to hold all of his worldy possessions.  Unlike Computer dude, he will be living in a traditional dorm so it seems that he doesn't need a lot.  Still, we have a little pile of stuff which I'm sure will grow in the next month.

Computer dude is blessing us with his presence this weekend.  As I was tidying up his room and making his bed I noticed that his dresser is packed full to overflowing.  Presumably he's not walking around naked so I'm going to motivate him to go through the clothes and only keep what he may wear so we can donate the rest.  I have somewhat ulterior motives.  His dresser is one we bought when he was born and I figure he can move it with him in September as the townhouse he is renting is unfurnished.  

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