Sunday, March 21, 2010


I've slacked off on training for the past couple of weeks. I needed some inspiration and today I got out my birthday agility equipment. First of all, I decided that since Max is apparently huge, and will have to jump 16" jumps I had better make sure his technique was good. I popped in a jumping DVD and did some set points. My home jumps are only 12" (I've ordered bigger ones but when they are custom made by Engineering Dad patience really is a virtue). Next I had Rylie doing the same set points but only over 6". From my extremely limited experience I think things went OK.

Later this afternoon we went to the off leash dog park near here where we walked around a couple of loops with two lovely Weimaraner girls and their owner. One of the girls jumped up on me to the chagrin of her owner (I really didn't mind but I understand because I don't like it when my dogs do it). They were lovely and gentle with my boys though. I did find out that as a breed tendency they have separation anxiety and having two seems to make it worse then one.

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