Sunday, March 14, 2010

Engineering Guy was home for the weekend. It was rather inconvenient for him but he had an interview and the company wasn't willing to do it by phone. It was nice to see him though and we went and picked up Computer Dude and went to The Keg for my birthday supper (my third birthday supper actually - I don't suppose I can drag my birthday on much longer).


sara said...

Happy Late Birthday!! I have never been to the Keg but I've heard it is to die for! :) Love your blog - Mindy still looks adorable in her stroller <3 :) I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed your food! :)

sara said...

Thanks for the comment. When I pushed publish, it disappeared so don't take it personal that it's not up!! lol I still don't know how to work this place! :) Thanks for the sympathy though - i suspect we'll manage and I have to remind myself at the end of the day that it could be worse.. it is just a huge bummer :(