Thursday, March 4, 2010

Miss Mindy

Miss Mindy is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She turned twelve last month. She is the most incredible dog. I've never trained her to do anything but she has always done anything I ask. I swear she can read my mind. Mindy has cancer. Her health is fading. She has had a long happy life and been the best companion anyone could wish for. I've promised her not to let her suffer unduly. Mindy has always been a quiet dog but the cancer has taken her voice. She sleeps a lot now but otherwise seems happy. She wags her tail, never misses a meal and insists on having her walk. It's hard to know whether she is suffering or not.

The top picture is Mindy on her twelfth birthday.

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katie said...

Hi deb, I decided to read back and learn the story of your pups. When I got here, with Mindy, it made me smile and sigh all at once. It is so sad when they get old, but it sounds like her life was a blessing to you. I hope so much to have as many years with my little tri-girl.