Monday, December 27, 2010

All dressed up for winter

Here are my guys modelling their ruffwear boots and their coats after our walk yesterday.

And Max looking terribly embarrassed.


sara said...

LOL they are cute! Do they mind dressing up? Mine don't mind it but faith doesn't really like to walk once the booties are on. Are the ruffwear boots waterproof? I didn't think they were too waterproof and don't like wet paws so I haven't ever tried them. Do you like them a lot for snow?

Empty Nest Mom said...

They really don't mind getting dressed up - especially Max. I think he knows he stays warmer. Rylie doesn't mind either but not squirming is not a natural state for him so it's harder. I don't think the Ruffwear are totally waterproof but I can put them on without a struggle and they keep the snow and salt out.