Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Morning Ramblings

Rylie recovered nicely from his tummy problems as soon as we got home.  We haven't had class for three weeks now because of the weather so we are all going a bit stir crazy.  Our walks have been curtailed too because it's been so cold.  We have been out walking for the last few days though.  Max is happy but Rylie balks at the beginning of the walk.  The only reason I can think of is he remembers having salt on his feet.  Once we get going he is fine.  He is the one who will stay out forever in the back yard (without a coat) while Max prefers the warmth of the house so I just don't have any other explanation.

Engineering Guy came home on Tuesday.  It's nice to have him back for a few weeks.  Computer Dude comes home tomorrow so we will have a full house.

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katie said...

How nice to have your family home with you for a bit!

Do the pups have boots? I found one pair cheap at a discount store and am hoping to try them out today, but I would really love to have muttluks for them. 9 Our walks have been sorely lacking since the weather got so bad. I am sure it is all the salt on the roads that bothers their poor little feet. Glad Rylie is feeling better!