Thursday, December 9, 2010

Flatwork Camp - The Day before

The camp Rylie and I are going to is only about an hour and a half from my house.  I am an incredibly nervous winter driver so I decided to spend Friday night close by and found a B&B that previous campers I have met raved about.  Our little area of the world has been hit hard by storms all week and last night they were predicting another one tonight.  Being the nervous nelly that I am I e-mailed the B&B to see if they could possibly fit me in tonight so I could drive down mostly in daylight.  I am now sitting on my king sized bed with a complimentary glass of red wine beside me and Rylie on the other side.  I was met at the door and my bags carried in.  Rylie is allowed to be loose in the house (with me watching of course).  There is a fully fenced back yard to take him out in. I wonder if they'd notice if I didn't leave?  Did I mention the gas fireplace in my room?  This was definitely a good idea - now I can sleep in tomorrow and be well rested for camp instead of getting up every hour to see if the storm had started.  For the record the skies were blue on my drive and there is no snow at all here.

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katie said...

Oh Debbie, that sounds heavenly!! I am so tired tonight from just one class that I can't imagine a whole weekend. On one hand it sounds wonderful, on the other I think my head would explode.LOL Did you ever feel that way when you were first starting with agility?

Having such a wonderful place to stay will give you someplace to rest each night and you will have such special one on one time with Rylie.

Have a wonderful time. I hope to see pictures soon, and hear all your great stories!
Katie, Maizey and Magnus