Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Gear

When we go out walking in the winter (at least in town where they salt the roads) my dogs wear Ruffwear boots

or a Canadian product called Invisible Boot

Both seem to work well at protecting their paws from the salt and snow - both have their advantages and drawbacks.  The boots have to be put on tightly.  It took me a while to really believe this and if anyone helps me with boots we are sure to lose one.  I also worry that getting their feathers caught in the velcro will pull their hair and hurt them.   Both of my guys sit really nicely to get them on but putting on eight little booties plus coats and harnesses for the morning walk takes longer than the walk!

The invisible boot is a bit messy.  It's non-toxic which is good because my dogs love the taste.  They don't lick it off their paws but when you are waxing up two dogs there is residue on the floor by the time you get done with dog #2 and both my guys would rather stay and clean the floor than go for a walk at this point.  Lately I've been putting the boots on Max and the invisible boot on Rylie as he seems to balk at walking in the boots for the first 50 feet or so.

Unless the weather is such that they get snowballs in their paws it seems that the cold and snow doesn't bother them as they can play in the back yard without a problem.  It's just the salt on our town streets.


katie said...

I have been struggling with the salt and ice issue on walks too. Those boots look really nice. Are they leather or rubber one the bottom? Are the bottoms stiff? I bought some that have a stiff rubber bottom, but really don't like them much. I also have been looking into Muttluks.

Have you ever tried Mushers Secret? I don't know if it is similar to the invisible boot? I never had such an issue with their little feet before so am starting from scratch learning about it all. Thanks for another interesting post!

Miss Kodee said...

We have these same boots for Kodee and muttluks for Becky and I also use an invisable wax. These boots are heavy compared to muttluks but a lot easier to put on. As well Kodee just didnt fit the muttluks (inbetween sizes). Both makes are different but great! P.S. Salt should be banned..

katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

I am glad to get the info about these boots. I think I am going to try Muttluks, but I am uncertain about sizes. Maizey seems to be an XXS, but Magnus the Ginormous is almost an XS and I don't know if his feet will keep growing. (He is just 5 months and a week old now.) So I'm not sure. . . What size do Rylie, Max, Becky and Miss Kedde wear? I love this info!! Thanks so much!

Empty Nest Mom said...

Both Rylie and Max wear a small in the Ruffwear boots (and Mindy did as well). I would highly recommend going somewhere you can try boots on if possible because when I measured I think I was going to order a XS and they just didn't fit. The bottom is stiff but it doesn't seem to bother the dogs. I had Engineering Guy take a picture of them in their coats and boots yesterday so I'll have to get it from him and post it.

Salt IS evil.

sara said...

Love the booties!! I have considered getting the ruffwear boots for my guys for the summer but for the winter they wear muttluks. I HATE the salt. :( We have a school right next to us so there is TONS of salt all over the sidewalks. I hear you on it taking longer to dress them up than the walk takes. It gets so annoying!! I hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday season! :) Maybe when the weather is nicer we can meet up! :)

Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

Thanks for all the input guys! Sara-do you have the all weather muttluks or the fleece lined? What sizes do Kosmo and Faith wear? I guess I am a paranoid consumer cause I really hate returning things so I just like it to be right the first time.LOL

I am considering the ruffwear, but really I like the idea of the softer sole on the muttluks and the taller cuff.

And yes salt is evil!;))

Empty Nest Mom said...

I could probably do the muttluks now because both dogs are good getting boots on but when I tried them in the store last winter I couldn't get them on their feet at all lol!

I'd love to meet up with you and your crew Sara