Thursday, January 6, 2011

Week 1

I have been toying with the idea of doing the picture of the week challenge but as some of the blogs I read do one dog a year I had been trying to decide which dog to pick.  Max is the eldest but Rylie is the most challenging for me to photograph (because he's black).  I felt like I was trying to choose between my children lol!  It occurred to me yesterday that since I am the one challenging myself I actually don't have to choose between my dogs - I can challenge myself to post one dog picture a week.  Now I will have to confess that the first picture was taken by my son with his new camera (although he used my lens).  It captures  Rylie's personality so well  that I thought it would be a shame not to use it.


katie said...

YAY more Max and Rylie pics!! I am so glad, I love to see pics of other peoples dogs. But I am totally with you on the black face thing, it's hard even with a tri-color face to make their eyes stand out and have some contrast, it was always really hard with Meeka. But a black dog on white snow looks great!

And no I don't think we should hold our challenges to arbitrary rules. Thats why with my walking challenge I always say if someone wants to join, set their miles themselves, since what is a challenge to me is not to someone else. Plus I want people to feel free to join, we get so much encouragement from each other!

Miss Kodee said...

Glad your doing this! I am also doing both my dogs. Actually any dog I met up with - I want to try a variety of dogs. No offense to my dogs, but I am getting bored with their faces. ssshh dont tell them! Will you be posting them here wkly? I am using my flickr account to post to, feel free to snoop at it.