Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bath Time

Hopefully you sleep with one eye open Mom - we don't approve.


MB Squirrell (Embee Cavaliers) said...

Aww I love adorable bath faces! They always look so pitiful. Nothing better than a clean soft doggy after a bath.

Love My Cavaliers said...

How adorable. I agree with Embee Cavaliers, they do look pitiful and so helpless when they're wet. Dry me Mummy!

ThreeCavalierBoys said...

Ooh! We have mixed opinons of bathtime. Monty HATES it! He always looks so pitiful after a bath, and then tries to go and roll in the dirt afterwards. Pirate LOVES water, and loves having baths, but he tries to roll in the dirt as well. Lucky doesn't mind his baths, but he goes and tries to get into bed afterwards!

Puppy love from Pirate, Monty, and Lucky