Saturday, January 22, 2011

This and That

We went to the arena today and practiced the tricky bit of the advanced jumpers course from last weekend and the gamble.  Even after a few tries I was still bobbling the handling of the jumpers but both dogs were able to follow my handling and both dogs did the gamble we set up.  It took Rylie two tries but I was pretty excited.  I do think there is something funny going on with Max but I can't put my finger on it.  He's just been acting a little off.  The workout certainly tired him out but it just seemed to give Rylie more energy!

Rylie is a silly boy.  When he wants to play ball he can become quite annoying and bark to get your attention.  As a consequence he gets his ball taken away.  One day I guess he had all of his balls confiscated so ever resourceful he asked to go outside.  He came in with a chunk of ice that he dropped at my feet for me to throw for him.  How on earth am I supposed to resist that?


katie said...

How cute Rylie is! Last year in our yard we had some snails. Of course in the freezing temps they are nothing but shells now, but twice now Magnus seems to find one of those empty shells and he brings it in to me sooo proud. Eeeew! I HATE snails, even just shells. I think I may have contributed to the game since the first time I traded him his snail shell for some high value treats. Hmm. . . whose smarter in this relationship?LOL

I'm sorry about Max. I hate it when it seems there is just something not quite right and you can't pin it down. It is so worrisome. Hopefully he snaps out of it soon! Glad to hear some news from you!

Miss Kodee said...

This is the cutest story!! I can only imagine your shock and his clever face smirking! What a character!