Sunday, January 2, 2011


Today I went to two seminars that my trainer was putting on.  In the morning I took Max to a handling seminar.  We did a lot of speed circles and several handling exercises that would be easy to set up for this winter if we were practicing alone.  There was a really interesting mix of dogs - there were only six of us, three starter level dogs, a couple of advanced, and a masters dog.  Max and Peanut  - his classmate that always beats him stacked up pretty well with the more experienced dog/handler teams.  We struggled with the serps but otherwise did pretty well.  Max was just beat afterwards.

I took Max home and switched off for Rylie for the flatwork/foundation seminar.  Two of Rylie's classmates and six other baby dogs were there.  It was a review of some of the things we practiced at the seminar I went to last month but it was good practice and Rylie had fun.

I am exhausted.  The seminar location was in an unheated barn and I froze this morning even though we were doing a lot of running.  Even Max was cold and he doesn't get cold normally.  I had him in his fleece coat but finally put him in my lap which helped both of us.  When I went home to switch dogs I also put on my long johns and Sorels.  I dug out the warmest coat we have for Rylie.  He was an angel and didn't fuss at all about being crated between his turns.  The coat seemed to keep him toasty - although it did make him look fat.  His seminar wasn't as physically intense as Max's and he was still full of piss and vinegar when we got home.  I had supper, hot tub, and wine.

We won't have class now until March but we can use the training facility to practice so I think we'll try to do that on a regular basis.

We are in a trial in two weeks - it will be Rylie's first ever.  I'm looking forward to seeing how things come together for us and where our holes are.

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Miss Kodee said...

YIKES!! This sounds like a cold, but very successful training weekend. Did I say cccoooolllddd!! Your brave girl! One day your going to travel my way for a competition I hope. I would just love to see this!