Friday, January 7, 2011

Long week

My training has sucked this week.  It's year end at work and I've been putting in longish days.  By the time I get home I'm too tired to do a lot in the way of training.  I have come up with a recipe box with games from our summer recall course - my thinking is that if I'm stuck I can pull a game out of the box.  Over the winter I am mostly trying to work on toy/tug drive and contacts.  We did do some targets this week.  I am having a difficult time fading the target and still getting the nose touch.  I guess that means that we just aren't ready to move on.

Tomorrow Max and I are going to the arena to train.   We have entered our first gamblers class at the trial next weekend and it would be nice to get in some distance work.  We haven't done much  distance work and I have no idea whether Max will be able to do the gamble or not.  My mind thinks that the gambles in starters aren't horribly challenging but I will report back if I've changed my mind after attempting one!  My main goal tomorrow is to work on the teeter and weaves.  Max bounced off the teeter at our last trial.  I didn't have him back on a teeter until last week and he was very tentative, so I'd like to go back and make it more comfortable for him.  We haven't done a lot of 12 weaves ever so I try and practice whenever I can.

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katie said...

So sorry you have not been feeling the greatest with your training. I hate that feeling, but you did inspire me cause I love the recipe box idea. I could do something like that with our Training Levels steps. I know especially when I'm tired it's hard for me to think of what we need to work on. I made flash cards with the old levels, maybe I need to brush up those and stick them in a cute box. . . a cute box always makes everything better.LOL

I hope Max does okay with the teeter, and I am sure you will do great in his gamblers run!