Monday, January 24, 2011


Max has always loved going in the car.  This week when I took him to the vets he wasn't so keen to get in. He had slipped a little bit while jumping in last weekend so I put it down to that and lifted him in.  On Saturday when we went to practice he was his crazy self when he saw me getting ready but then he ran to the car and back to sit at the door.  Again I put him in the car but as our drive was a bit longer I noticed that his lip was quivering.   The same thing yesterday when we went to get his nails clipped (I know - not something that is likely to relieve his stress) and then to the dog park.  He seemed okay on the way home.

I have put this down to being more stressed than I realized in the crating area last weekend at the trial (he rides in his crate in the car).  My thought is to take him for short car rides whenever I can (whenever possible to do something fun - but sometimes just to go get gas or go through the car wash) but I'd certainly like to hear any other advice.  I also took the flexible crate to the arena and switched off dogs in it on Saturday - neither dog was in it for more than 5-10 minutes at a time - I'm hoping that will help.  Both dogs sleep in their wire crates at home and will go in them without prompting whenever I am in the room.  I suppose that is the key though - they can always either see or hear me.

Our next agility trial is in March and I shouldn't have to leave in in the crating area because we are visiting my son and the hotel is very close to the venue.


beth said...

Good luck with the agility coming up! I hope you both enjoy and do well!

Love My Cavaliers said...

Hi there. Found YOU! We love Cavalier blogs. Come visit us some time too. Marley & Jasper at Cavaliers Corner.