Friday, January 9, 2009


Engineering Guy is having a hard time with the death of his friend.  DNA test results are not back yet but it seems the only plausible scenario.  He hasn't had to endure tragedy in his young life and although he and Wes only saw each other once or twice a year in recent years it still struck close to home.  Also Wes' dad was the Guy's hockey coach the year they played together and he was VERY good to my Guy.

Near as they can figure, he left a New Years Eve party, decided to "borrow" the van that belonged at the house and drove off.  At some point he pulled off to the side of the road and probably lit a cigarrette and fell asleep.  All very out of character for this young man I'm told.

In better news he got his first semester marks back and did very well.  He was in the top 3% of his physics class.  Sadly, I will have to admit that his physics brain did NOT come from his mother.  Ironically he is worried about physics this semester.  From what my non-engineering brain can understand it's because last semester they worked with things they could see.  This semester it's electricity and other invisible stuff. On general principle Engineering Guy is not in favour of anything that can't be seen.

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