Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It was difficult for me to say good-bye to Engineering Guy, especially since he wasn't feeling well but he will be coming home.

A young man he played hockey with went missing from a New Years Eve party.  A male body was found in a burned out van that had also been at the party.  This is a small town - there aren't that many missing people or bodies found.  You can put two and two together as many ways as you want and it's hard to come up with a good outcome.  

One year Engineering Guy was cut from our local competitive hockey team.  Another town was desperate for a goalie - Engineering Guy was desperate to play.  Wes' dad was one of the coaches on the team.  His mom was Engineering Guy's loudest fan section before or since that year.  Every year after when they competed against each other Wes would be the one who waited after the game to either razz or congratulate Engineering Guy.

My heart breaks thinking of him and his family.  There really are no words.


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