Friday, January 23, 2009

Engineering Guy will not be homeless next year.  This is a relief to all of us (especially him).  I thought it was early days but he was getting stressed.  This week he and five of his closest friends have signed a lease on a house two minutes from campus.  They were getting quite worried because most of the houses they viewed were real dives (and I'm not sure how bad it has to be to be a dive to 18 year old boys).  Engineering Guy is particularly excited because they have other friends moving into the street.  This apparently means they will be able to go to parties without hosting them.  I guess that is a good thing?

Computer Dude is loving his computer job.  Particularly he is loving getting a paycheck.  Unfortunately he has to deal with the more mundane adult things such as his lost cell phone - buying a new one and getting his account transferred before someone calls China on it.

To celebrate our 20th anniversary (which was 2 years ago) and successfully getting two kids through high school and out of the house Engineering Dad and I have booked a trip.   We are going in May..........Someplace I've always wanted to go.

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

A trip--how fun--have you picked the locale yet?