Sunday, January 4, 2009

Empty Nest Once Again

Ahhhh.............. It's the sound of silence.  We put Engineering Guy on the train this morning.   It was hard.  The fact that he was feeling quite sick didn't make it any easier.  He might have a touch of flu or it might just be separation anxiety.  I know he loves his school, his program, and has missed his friends over the holidays but it's not always easy to say goodbye even when you are excited about going.  I hope he feels better by the time he gets back because even at my age being sick without your mommy sucks!  He was sick when we were driving him to school in August so I am tempted to think it's nerves.

University has had a big impact on Engineering Guy (even more so than Computer Dude).  The school he goes to is well known for it's school spirit and engineers have the reputation of working hard and playing hard.  He was never very spirited in high school but he takes great pride in wearing his school jacket that he "earned the right to wear" after his December exams and is hoping to be a frosh leader next August.

Engineering Dad and I are going to see "Marley and Me" this afternoon.  Any tears I feel the need to shed missing my baby will surely flow watching the movie.  It might be too soon after losing our Retriever but I do think I'll enjoy the movie for the most part.

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