Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thunderstorms and Birthday Boy

Thanks for the advice.  I'm going to try the thundershirt tighter and get some rescue remedy.  Meanwhile I'll continue with the classical conditioning.

I did call the vet's office the other day to inquire and felt better (in a misery loves company kind of way) to learn that all the vet tech's dogs were up all night barking too and they were as exhausted as I was.  One of my trainer's dogs broke out of her (wire) crate and she doesn't usually get that worked up.  The thunder wasn't THAT loud so it must have had something to do with the pressure change.  Anyway - the vet would prescribe a sedative but I'd have to give it before the storm (which doesn't work with the middle of the night ones) and it doesn't last long.  So scratch that idea.  It did give me another idea though - I might let Max bark and take a sedative myself!

Just over two years ago this sweet little boy (the dog not the kid in case you were wondering) was born and came to live with us 8 weeks later.  We wanted a spunky pup because Max was only 10 months old himself and I knew I planned to do agility with him.  Rylie is SPUNKY (caps intended).  He makes me laugh every day AND he's challenged me to improve my dog training skills.

Rylie has all big dogs in his agility class.  They are nice dogs and they all get along fine but Rylie MUST have his own chair to sit in or be in my arms.  It finally dawned on me that he needs to feel as big as his classmates so I haul a chair for Rylie to each class we go to.


Miss Kodee said...

Happy Birthday Rylie!! So handsome. I just can't believe its been 2 yrs already! I think your on track with you get the sleep and let Max work it out ;)

katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

What an adorable puppy! I'm starting to fall in love with black and tans.:)) Crazy how time flies, I can't believe Magnus is 10 months now!

Just a note about sedatives, many vets will prescribe acepromazine (ace) as a sedative, but this is a very dangerous sedative to use with fear issues. It's a dissociative/paralytic ( I always get conflicting answers so I'm not sure how your vet would classify it) but it doesn't sedate the part of the brain that processes fear so the dogs experience the same fear, but with out the ability to work it out in the normal ways. It can GREATLY increase fear issues. Not sure if that was even the sedative your vet would use, but just in case now you can look it up. Hope the storms stop for you soon!