Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thunderstorm Seminar

Last night I attended a seminar on helping dogs cope with thunderstorms/fireworks.  It was very interesting and I came away with a few new techniques to try.  Sadly (for my husband and son) the thunderstorm happened last night while I was away and they had to deal with Max barking for two hours.

The presenter is certified in Tellington Touch and Bach Flower remedies, and is an animal communicator so her techniques drew from each of these modalities.


katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

Details, need details!!;)) Sounds wonderful! I've read the TTouch books and just found a new blog by a TTouch practitioner. I'm hoping to pick up some more tips from that. I think there's a lot of help for a thunder scared dog with TTouch, I know the little bit that I've done with Magnus really helps him. Esp the ear touches just make him sigh and relax immediately. I know RR really helps him settle too, so the flower essence seem great too. Hope it helps your boy!

Anonymous said...

hmmm i need to try it