Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rockin' Recalls

Last summer the dogs and I participated in a recall e-course put on by Susan Garrett.  We were provided with a new game every day for 30 days (among other resources) to help build a better recall.  We loved it and I did the exercises with both dogs.  Susan has asked those of us who have taken the course to make a video to post on her facebook page to promote the next offering of this course.  I thought I may as well share mine here as well.  It's my first crack at actually making a video (as opposed to just recording).  It was fun.  I hope you enjoy it.

1 comment:

Miss Kodee said...

Self Control... we don't know that one!! Boy does Rylie look like Becky the way he runs and leaps from a far onto your deck! Great video.