Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mindy Part 2

Thank you all for your kind words about Mindy.  She was special and we miss her.  She wasn't perfect though.  Two of the funniest (now) memories I have of her are:

One night when she was about 4 she got up in the middle of the night.  I let her out and very unlike her she didn't come immediately back in.  She was a princess and it was the middle of winter.  She usually didn't dilly dally about getting her business done.  I called her but she didn't come.  I put on my Sorels and coat over my pajamas and grabbed a flashlight to see what was up.  There was Mindy in the middle of our backyard eating a rabbit!  I can only assume she caught it and killed it.  Either that or it dropped dead in the middle of our yard.  Once I got her in she thought it was a good idea to kiss my face.  EWWWWWW!

In her last summer (she was 11 1/2) I heard her barking outside.  I went out and she was barking from under our deck.  The deck is just about ground level and I had no idea how she got under.  I was pondering the fact that I'd probably have to rip off a deck board to rescue her when shooting out from under the deck came a racoon with Mindy in hot pursuit.  Max was also outside so he joined the chase.  At least Max had the good grace to look at me when I called him (although he decided I just wasn't interesting enough), Mindy didn't even break stride.  They chased this racoon around the yard two or three times before he escaped under the fence.  He could easily have stopped and fought and taken them both out I think.  Needless to say we found the entrance and closed it off so he couldn't get back and the dogs couldn't get back under.

Mindy with Zeus our Golden

Showing who is the Queen of the castle

Again - showing who is top dog

Not even Mindy can resist Rylie's charm but his head is not allowed near her ears (too much ear pulling from puppy Max)

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Miss Kodee said...

Mindy so reminds me of Kodee - women who command respect :) I think she must be a soul mate really of Mylee with her love of rabbits! What a great photo of the 3 of them. I know you still miss her. We build new memories with the new pups but that doesn't stop us missing the past.