Monday, March 7, 2011

More Fun With The Sturdi Bag

By yesterday I consistently had this - Note the dirty look Max is giving me "I can't believe you want me to lower myself to this!"  I had to play with both dogs - I was calling them out of their crates and rewarding them when they ran right back in (or scrunched in Max's case).  The first time I did that Max came out, took a look and joined Rylie in the bigger crate.  It's big enough for one but not really big enough for two.  I had to laugh.  When he realized that wasn't going to get him anything he went back into the bag.  He's still not thrilled but I think realizing he could get in and turn around was the ah ha moment for him.  On Saturday he was backing in - which works fine for me and looked kind of cute actually.

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beth said...

If looks could kill, I am afraid your adorable little dog would have you dead.