Friday, November 25, 2011


One of my goals for the winter is to learn how to shape a bunch of tricks (primarily without luring).  I feel like this will really help my training skills as well as give us more things to do at a trial while we wait our turn.  I want to shape some stretching exercises like bow and sit pretty as well as some just fun/silly tricks.  To get me started (because I lack imagination) I ordered a Silvia Trkman video.  The dogs and I are having a blast.  I have shaped them to get into a suitcase (I'll have to get video because it's just too cute), to walk on my feet, and I have shaped Max to jump into my arms.  Long ago Rylie shaped me to catch him when he jumps so that wasn't something he needed to learn lol!  I'm very excited that Max will do it too now!  I'm a bit stuck on the trick we are working on now, pawing at the face (like hiding behind a paw).  I actually think I'll give that one up for a bit but it has worked itself into a bow/moonwalk behaviour which I think I will develop.  I am beyond excited that the recallers course will offer a shaping section.  I have seen Susan shape one of her dogs to do a behaviour picked by a student and she really is brilliant at it.  It should help keep us busy this winter anyway.

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