Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Training Weekend

Well our afternoon at the arena was a bit of a bust.  To start the afternoon off Max fell off the top of the dog walk (about 5 feet high).  He landed on his feet and didn't seem any the worse for the wear.  I made a herculean (for me anyway) effort NOT to fuss over him and got him right back up - which he did without hesitation and fed him a handful of treats at the bottom.  I thought he might be stiff yesterday but he really does seem no worse for the wear thankfully.

When we got around to the teeter all was going well - we had progressed to the full teeter.  I asked my friend to watch and he did it once when she was watching and then just starting stopping in the middle.  His tail was wagging and he wasn't acting stressed but he was just not interested in finishing the job.  It perplexed both my friend (who has had teeter issues with her older dog) and I.  All we came up with is that the continued repetition might feel like poking him in the eye with a sharp object so any teeter work I do I'm going to stop at two reps and move on to something else.  I can't wait for my trainer to get back because I seem to be making matters worse.

Rylie of course was Rylie - "just tell me what you want and I'm so there".  I'm almost certain he found cat poo to feast on while I was working with Max so I guess I'll have to bring the crate next time.

After the arena I had to go to Petsmart.  The arena is about 15 minutes from home - halfway between home and the city.  For some reason even though I wasn't rolling around on the dirt floor I looked far dirtier than the dogs!  I contemplated going home and cleaning up before heading to a place with people but decided what the heck so off we went.  Of course there were many people and dogs to visit with in Petsmart on a Sunday afternoon.  I take comfort in the fact that none of them knew me!

My body seems to want to catch a cold - I am hoping I can convince it that it's not a good idea.

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