Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm Back

Engineering Dad and I were away for a week in the (not so) sunny south.  It was a relaxing holiday but I missed the dogs like crazy.  They stayed with a lovely couple who have been taking care of my dogs since we moved here 11 years ago.  I'm pretty sure they had a good holiday too. I was thrilled this morning to be able to take them out for a walk without boots or coats (well except for me - I'm a bit of a wuss that way).

I think we are going to head to the arena this afternoon for a bit of exercise and training.  I have an idea for Max's running contacts to hopefully remind him he has to run to the bottom as he has been leaping off.  He still hits the contact 95% of the time but a more experienced handler told me at our last training session that it's something I'll want to fix before it becomes a problem and I think she is probably right.  We'll also see how he feels about the teeter after being away from any teeter training for nearly two weeks.

I'll work contacts with Rylie too and some handling exercises for both.

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katie said...

It's nice to hear from you! I wondered what exciting agility news there was on your front.:)) And yes it is lovely to be taking some walks without suiting up. Half the time I think it takes longer to get the dogs ready to walk in the bad weather than the actual walk!LOL