Sunday, February 6, 2011


I need to go back to work tomorrow to rest up!  It was a busy weekend here in the nest.  Nothing exciting - just busy.  Saturday morning we went to the arena to train.  Max's retraining on the teeter is going well I think.  Before we were done I had moved to just an 8 inch table under one end of the teeter and he was going over without stopping (he wasn't running but I'm okay with that because I don't want him getting bounced again).  The masters dogs were there practicing so there were a lot of dogs in close proximity.  One BC even decided to come and check Max out when he was weaving and he kept in the weaves - Good boy!  We were set up close to the weave poles and Max did the same thing to another dog despite my best efforts.  I think I'll have to keep him on leash when there are strange dogs around because he's too interested.

The masters trainers were pretty impressed with Rylie's weaves - he really is stinking fast.  Rylie is not at all impressed when I train Max and he lets me know about it in no uncertain terms.  Yet another reason why they shouldn't be in the same class I guess.

I drove into the city to shop (by myself) Saturday afternoon.  By the time I left the mall it had been storming and it was a really miserable drive home.  The socks and hand lotion I got weren't worth that drive.

I had a work project Saturday night and Sunday morning - after that we went to the dog park.  I think dog parks are Max's favourite place in the world because he just runs and runs.  We went back to the arena this afternoon to train by ourselves.  I mostly worked contacts with Max since we needed that.  Rylie just wanted to run and jump.  I tried a decel exercise with him and he caught on the second time.  I was pretty impressed by that.  Max and Rylie both aced the serpentine exercise I set up from our workshop in December.  I hope that had something to do with my timing getting better and not just the fact that they are both brilliant!

I hope both dogs will be tired enough that they will sleep well tonight - I know I will.


beth said...

A tired dog is a good dog! We went on a long hike this afternoon, so Wrigley is much better. Good luck this week at work!

Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

"I hope that had something to do with my timing getting better and not just the fact that they are both brilliant!"

ROFL!! This is me ALL the time! I always hope I am actually teaching them something, but more often than not they are teaching me. Sometimes I think they learn in spite of me, not because of me.LOL

It's one reason I love to read your posts, since they inspire me to be brave and keep with our agility dreams. It seems quite daunting sometimes!

Miss Kodee said...

OH my you have me feeling VERY lazy this weekend!! I am hoping this summer an event will bring you out mid way between us so I can see your guys in action!!

P.S. Miss Kodee and Miz Becky would just LOVE to be Max and Rylie's special valentine!! <3