Saturday, October 16, 2010

Walk in the woods

We are lucky enough to live within a few minutes walk of a lovely bush.  Today I took my camera along as the doglets and I went for our morning walk.  This has to be a current favourite picture.  Last night Max and I went with my trainer and her masters dog to an outdoor training facility to practice.  Max will be running his first standard course next month and we haven't really done all the contacts in sequence yet.   He did really well.  I had a couple of handling bobbles but Max is the best first agility dog.  At this point he doesn't have blazing speed but that means even if I'm late in my cues he usually manages to take the obstacle that I want him to.  He's very thoughtful and attentive.  It was a new venue for him and he'd never met my handlers BC - who sometimes doesn't like other dogs at all.  She was lovely with Max - she was the one who came up to say hello to him.   I think I better start my own training program though.


Miss Kodee said...

That picture is card, wall and calendar worthy. Just breathtaking! Good luck at your match.

sara said...

I still LOVE this picture ;) I am glad to see it on your blog, too :) I need to get my furries outside and take pictures of them on walkies and what not!

Regarding your comment: You're welcome - I made an airline post hoping that some people could use it, because I've flown with the dogs several times. I usually go home for 3 weeks and it's just not practical to put them into boarding ($$) when I can take them with me just as easily.

I think Max would do fine underneath the seat! Faith is a bigger cavalier and she fits just fine. I was the same - couldn't imagine mine fitting, but then I considered the alternative and actually flew with them underneath, and the experience left me thinking that I would definitely fly them with me if I had the choice. Kosmo doesn't like the bag at all still.. LOL I was lucky and the bag had seatbelt straps.. so I used it instead of the car seat. I would also shove him in the bag with treats in between commercial breaks and that kind of thing.. I had him and Faith in classes together and when Faith was in class I would put him in the bag - just stuff like that. What did you mean about the "shaping" comment? :) The only bag I have here currently is the SturdiBag but I will keep it. If they are still $60 (a steal!) I will get one for Kosmo for flying, too!

Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

What a gorgeous picture! I need to get my pups fall time pics posted, but with Magnus so little it was hard to get him to sit still long enough for a good together shot.LOL