Friday, October 22, 2010

Missing My Guys

I am in B.C. visiting my parents and as I expected I am missing my guys like crazy.  I toyed with the idea of bringing one of them with me but it was a very long day of travelling and whichever one I left behind would have been sooooo lonely.  They are probably having a great time wrapping Daddy around their little paws.  The night before I left I took both dogs to agility class.  Usually they have class on different nights but I switched Max's night so he wouldn't have to miss.  They were both content (or at least I didn't hear them) during their hour in the car.  Max went first - he really likes the cooler weather.  His twelve weave poles were awesome.  I was very pleased.  The class he went to had two dogs he'd been in class with for a year.  For a year he ignored them and their attempts to play (good boy Max) but on Monday night he took off from me as soon as they came in the agility yard to run over and say hello.  I'm pretty sure my trainer has never seen him so naughty.  I ended up having to put a leash on him but I was glad to see him having so much fun.

When it was Rylie's turn I realized just how much trouble I am going to be in running him!  We were doing  a sequence and I sent him through a tunnel - I was planning to cross in front of him to turn him before the next jump.  Try as I could the closest I could get was getting to the tunnel exit at the same time as Rylie - I had to backstep because he was barrelling out of the tunnel to the next jump!  If he could talk he'd say "It's okay mama - I've got it - just get out of my way".   I knew I'd have to handle them differently but having back to back class really brings the point home.  My classmate and trainer said I looked like a soccer player when I was back stepping to avoid him - in truth I was just trying to stay on my feet and avoid a collision - pretty sure I didn't look nearly as graceful as a soccer player!

I checked the AAC website and Max now has his own page since they put up his Q run in September.

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sara said...

Soounds like fun!! I would love to do agility with mine but I guess that's what you get when you have unscrupulously bread doggies, huh? :( The sturdibag does NOT have zippers at both sides. In fact, I literally put it sideways and put the doggy in butt first.. then zip it and then put it on the ground.. LOL they can turn around in the sturdibag but it is a tight fit. The BPOP from celltei is a lot bigger and they can turn around a lot easier in that. I would probably never leave just one at home again.. I left Kos at home this time and he left me for daddy :( I still haven't been as close with him and it's been 2 months!

I did shape them a little bit to get into the carrier but Kosmo is a scaredy cat dog and he wouldn't go into it so I basically just put him in and zipped it shut and then gave him treats afterwards. Faithey was a puppy when we trained her, so she was a snap. I will do that with every puppy I have from now on. Kosmo still hates the bag, I'm not going to lie, but he doesn't make too much of a fuss or cry, but if he sticks his head out of the bag, good luck zipping it back up! lol ;)