Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back Home

I got back home Monday night.  I missed agility class for both dogs this week because Rylie goes on Monday and we went to Spamalot last night (It was great fun and I'm not even a Monty Python fan).  My trainer took pity on me and offered me the use of her yard tonight (Max has a trial next weekend).  We had fun.  I practiced contacts and weaves with Max.  As long as I remember not to peel away from him I think he'll be okay.

With Rylie I was excited to try twelve weave poles for the first time.  After doing two sets of six a few times I put them together and he flew through the twelve.

I've toyed with giving my dogs a break from agility for the winter as my trainer is going away (heaven knows how I'd keep Rylie occupied) but it's so good for my mental health I think I'll try and find another class.  Although I made a good friend in my obedience instructor last winter and I think she's a fine instructor I just didn't find it a lot of fun.  I'd consider giving freestyle dance a try but I'm about as graceful as an elephant stampeding.  I won't totally rule it out though if the agility thing doesn't pan out because one of the things I do enjoy about getting older is that I seem to have gained the ability to laugh at myself and do things I'll never be great at just because they are fun.

Max and I have our trial next weekend - for the first time I'm putting him in three runs.  Then next month I'm taking Rylie to a two day seminar.

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katie said...

I am so excited to find you! I am always on the lookout for new Cavalier blogs, and to find one about agility is super exciting! I can't wait to read further! Your pups are gorgeous!