Monday, September 1, 2008


The dropoff went well.  I know that Engineering Guy was a bit nervous but as soon as he met his new room mate he felt better.  The two of them appear to be twins separated at birth personality wise.  We spent some time with the boys and met the room mates parents for the "free" parent/student brunch.  We ditched the parents presentation since we had gone through it for the engineering college in May (not to mention last summer for Computer Dude).  We left the room mates dad helping Engineering Guy set up on the university network.  He would have managed himself I'm sure but the other parents weren't quite ready to leave and we had a longer drive.

We drove the five hours home, loaded up the van again this morning and moved Computer Dude into his new house.  I forgot how much I dislike assembly of furniture.  Blech.  Maybe one more trip tomorrow night and he'll be all set.  I want to make sure he has enough groceries and such.  I' beat now though.  I love both of my kids dearly and I'm glad they are following the path they are but moving them both on the same weekend is not recommended.  Computer Dude is still here because his bed doesn't get delivered until Wednesday.

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