Monday, January 16, 2012

Agility Trial

We were at an agility trial this weekend.  I only signed up for two runs with Max and one with Rylie as it's too cold to have them sit in the car between runs.  We didn't get any Q's but I was very happy.  Max was very fast and had a great time.  His dog walk contact was spot on both runs.  The first run I messed up and on the second run he popped out of the weaves - I'm not too worried about that as it's never happened before.  We haven't practiced weaves much lately so that could be it.

Rylie ran like a wild man - he also popped the weaves in the same spot but chose to turn around and do them backwards!  He was so fast he was bounced off of the teeter.  Watching the video I saw that he wasn't naughty - my cues were just not timely enough for the streak of black lightning.  He had a great time and it shows what we need to work on.


Miss Kodee said...

Both Rylie and Max always look so excited to run for you. I have no doubt they LOVE it. Oh boy, unless that barn was heated it must have been cold!

Debbie said...

It wasn't so cold because the barn hadn't really had a chance to cool off. Max has had some issues on the start line - he often stress scratches and doesn't always release right away. It takes him a couple of obstacles to get up to speed. My short term goals were to have more focus/less stress at the start and fix our dog walk. Both were lovely. Max's goal might be "teach the mama to count" lol. With Rylie it's like shooting a cannonball out of a cannon - hang on for the ride! I will post video later. They aren't terribly pretty but they are fun lol.

Miss Kodee said...

I'm holding you to the video! The are so fun to watch!