Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trial Weekend

This was the first trial where I ran both dogs three runs a day.  I think Rylie is FAR FAR happier being able to do more than one run.

Saturday was VERY hot.  I got to use my brand new silver shade sheets.  Man do they work well.  I covered my mini up with the sheets, left the windows and doors open and it was so pleasant inside with the dogs crate fans going that I didn't even bother putting up the shade tent.

I put Rylie in steeplechase which was the first event of the day.  He knocked a bar which surprised me so much we missed a jump but it was a nice run anyway.  Both dogs were in advanced gamblers.  Both of their contacts were really good but neither got the final gamble.  I have to work at sending them when I am stationary.  I can't remember much about their jumpers runs but I was happy with their speed and focus.  I made a handling error that caused Max to back jump a jump.

Today Rylie's steeplechase was really good but Travis was there and because he is still a bit nervous  he decided to go visiting twice.  Even with that we were clean and just a couple of seconds over time.  His weave entries were awesome and his 2o2o aflame was really good.  Next was gamblers.  After Rylie and I argued about the course yesterday I decided to let him do the dog walk and we were all happy.  He got the final gamble which amazed me because it was tough and we don't have directionals.  Max did well in gamblers as well but I couldn't send him to the tunnel which was the fourth obstacle.  Max ran a lovely snookers run and that Q gave him his Starters Game Dog title.  His jumpers run was lovely but the course I sent him on wasn't quite the course the judge set and we threw in an extra tunnel.  Rylie was a very good boy in his jumpers and got a Q there as well.

Tomorrow we have half day seminars for both dogs.  Looking forward to it.

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