Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crate Games gone bad

Susan Garrett's Crate Games  DVD is one of my favourite dog training resources and if I could only recommend one resource to new puppy owners that would be it.  However Rylie has shown me that it can also be turned around so the dog trains the trainer.

We play Crate Games all the time - my dogs have been well rewarded for going into and staying in their crates.  They sleep in their crates in our bedroom.  Rylie invented a game where he would go into his crate when I was in the shower in the morning.  Of course when I came out he looked so cute he got a treat.  By then Max has usually gone into his crate as well so as not to miss anything,  so of course I use the opportunity to play by calling one of them out and then the other.  Of course they get treats when they are successful.  The other day Rylie decided to take the game to a new level.  I released both dogs from their crates and went downstairs to make my breakfast.  I hear Rylie bark - hubby goes up to see what's up and there is Rylie sitting in his crate.  I hear "Oh mom must have forgotten your treat" and of course Rylie got another treat!  Impressed with his success with his gullible dad he tried it several times with me after hubby went to work.   I may not be able to resist the big brown eyes too easily but the bark is incredibly annoying and not something I want him to learn to do to get what he wants so I just laughed at him and closed the bedroom door so he couldn't play anymore.  He keeps me on my toes - that's for sure.


marcbachelet said...

nice Dog games my friend. I highly recommend you.

Thanking You

Marc Bachelet

Miss Kodee said...

Ha! What a smart(y) dog :)I would love to have seen his face when you shut the door!

Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

I have wanted to see crate games so after I read this i found one to borrow from a friend. I am really glad I found your blog. I love having this info about agility and foundation games from a fellow Cavalier mom! Thanks for your comments about Magnus agility class, I really appreciate your perspective.