Sunday, November 7, 2010

Agility Weekend

Max had a great agility trial this weekend.  Saturday he was in his first ever starters standard run.  He ran beautifully.  Sadly for him the team member whose name is not Max tripped over her feet on the dogwalk and fell down.  This caused Max to want to jump off to lick her face.  To his credit he didn't but it distracted him enough to miss the last obstacle.  We came SO close I entered him in the second standard run.  He ran beautifully again and I didn't mess up either so he was first in his class with a Q.  In fact he was 3rd or 4th fastest of all the starters standard dogs of any height.  He was beaten out by a border collie and a golden retriever.

Today on his standard run he also ran beautifully.  He was beat out by his class mate Peanut but he was 2nd with a Q.

The starters jumpers was at the end of the day.  Each run Max has got faster and I just wasn't prepared for a dog who  decides he knows the line and doesn't check in with the momma.  Consequently I didn't call him fast enough and he took an off course jump.

I was so proud of Max.  This is the first time he's run more than one run in a day.  I was worried that it would be too much for him but I think he really enjoyed himself.


katie said...

Yay max!! Sounds like you both had a great time! I just busted up laughing when you said he almost had to come lick your face when you fell. Aren't Cavaliers wonderful that way? I am sure in that situation Maizey would have just bailed off the dog walk to smother me in face hugs. I call her my little emotional psychic, she is so sensitive.LOL Congratulations!

Miss Kodee said...

Great job! And I am stunned by your own fitness feat! Whoa, you must have been smoking too!

Empty Nest Mom said...

Ha - I felt like it but I'm pretty sure when I see the video reality will set in and I'll realize it wasn't more than a slow jog