Sunday, April 18, 2010


I finally watched some video my partner took for me last weekend. What I noticed was that although I was terribly confused about what I was supposed to do during some of it, Max's tail was always wagging and he happily did whatever I asked him to do. That makes me feel better about doing such an intense weekend with him.

I've been focusing a lot on just playing with toys this week with both dogs. I did have to bring out the food rewards for weave pole practice with Max though. We have just moved up to four weave poles and they are staggered. Today was only the second time we've practiced and he seems to be able to find the entrance without much of a problem. I even tried putting him over a jump and having him find the entrance and he did awesome!

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Miss Kodee said...

Hey we videotaped too training this week. Its is amazing what you see you didnt realize was there lol. Your training sounds like its coming along fantastic! I ordered a book today and thought of you as its agility based training "Control Unleashed". It's for Kodee. Google it on YouTube to get an idea.