Thursday, April 8, 2010

Max and I are going to agility camp this weekend. I'm really excited even though I know that I will be one of the greenest of the green students there. Everybody has to start sometime right?

I'm hoping to gain some handling skills - I tend to get confused easily and Max has the patience of a saint. I love my boy. He did something on class Monday hat I didn't think too much of at the time but impresses me a lot in thinking about it. We were trying to do a complex (for us) sequence - I was waiting for him to look at the jump before releasing him and he wanted to look at me. When he finally looked at the jump I released him - he didn't do the jump but ran to me. My instructor said "Debbie - he wasn't looking at the jump - there was a cat on the bale of hay and it moved". Now I think "Wow - he didn't even consider chasing the cat"! We finally did manage the sequence we were working on.

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katie said...

So I am up to here in my Emptynest marathon.LOL But this is a keeper for me, I LOVE your attitude! I am at this, "Everybody has to start sometime right?" place now. It can be hard not to be intimidated sometimes, as I have friends that are vastly more experienced than I. (My friend has the first sheltie in Utah to get a MACH.) So this was a great post to inspire confidence in me. Thanks!!