Sunday, February 12, 2012

Training and a rant

It's cold and snowy this weekend so we decided to forgo the barn.  My main goal for both dogs at the moment is more consistent contacts.  I can do some work on this at home without equipment so that's what we have been doing.   Also playing a lot of indoor games working on our foundation skills .

I am looking for a treadmill (for me) and was browsing kijiji the other day.  Of course that led to browsing pet accessories, which obviously led me to browsing the pets for sale area.  I am not a fan of early spay/neuter for health reasons but it's clear to me why the shelters insist on it before rehoming dogs and why vets even do puppy neuters.  There are some REALLY stupid people out there.

Of course there were the bazillion ads from people with various designer breed (what we used to call mutts) pups for sale.  Sadly I even saw an add for Cavaliers in the area.  What irked me even more though were the ads by people looking for free/cheap pups.

There was the lady who was lonely but couldn't afford or justify the $300 the shelter charges for dogs - REALLY?  Just how do you think you'll afford to feed it and pay for vet bills then - not to mention training?

Then there was the guy who had a 10 week dobie pup with issues.  He thought getting another pup around the same age would solve everything.  Yeah right!

Then the family who were trying to rehome their large shedding 18 month old dog because the baby was starting to crawl.  While I understand and sympathize - you'd think they might have realized this would happen when the got a dog to begin with.

Okay - rant over - carry on with your day.


Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

I totally sympathize with your rant! We get the silly questions about stuff like this at work nearly everyday. The worst for me was the guy who called asked if we would sale his litter of Cav's. When told him we don't sale puppies, but are a training center and boutique, he got all offended and said, "Well I have a litter of puppies so do you know where I can sale them?" My blood was boiling. It was just dreadful. So I think your rand it completely justified.

Debbie said...

Agree totally, We got our 2 ruby cavs from kijiji and were glas to take them out of there. It was a pig sty and stunk so bad. We were oly going to take one but couldnt see leaving the runt of the litter in those conditions. Glad to stay they are 2 now and doing great!