Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My favourite things

On Saturday night I was telling someone that my favourite "thing" is my iphone.  On Saturday night that was true.  On Sunday Max and I went to an agility trial in the rain.  My favourite thing is now my shiny new black rubber shoes that kept my feet toasty warm and dry.

  Sadly my feet were the only part of my body that stayed warm and dry.  I didn't have rain pants (I do now!),  I don't own a hat and I didn't put my waterproof jacket on until I was already wet (yeah I know it doesn't do much good then).

Poor Max was pretty cold and wet too despite the raincoat I brought for him.  I ended up wrapping him in a blanket and sitting with him in the car between runs.  We were supposed to be in three runs but pulled out of the last one.  Despite the weather we both had fun.  Max ran a really good standard run - he   did a couple of off course obstacles but all in all I was happy.  I wasn't sure what to expect for his advanced gamblers run.  It was our first advanced gamblers and our fourth gamblers ever.  He was amazing!  It was a really lovely course and we racked up a lot of points.   I didn't really have any expectation that Max would do the gamble as it was 6 weave poles, teeter, jump.  I  was really hoping we'd be able to manage the weaves.  Well not only did he get the weaves but the same  dog who absolutely refused to do a teeter in January did the teeter fourteen feet away from me and carried on to the jump.  I was so proud of him!

I took Rylie on Saturday.  The weather was much nicer.  He had two good runs and Q'd in both his jumpers and his gamblers run.  We are still getting used to doing full courses so we weren't without our bobbles but he's a really good boy and pays attention.

We've been doing a lot of agility lately and getting some much needed practice on courses.  I'm so pleased with how both dogs are doing.  We're having a lot of fun.

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Miss Kodee said...

I'd still be going for the Iphone vote :) But can see how at the time the rubber boots caught your eye in the moment. Your story reminded me of my horse show days and wet muddy courses. Glad everyone is still really enjoying themselves!!